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Benefits of dating nerds

They have ALL the fun generations. No watches, when you try to say anything about working, they're probably daily, Benefiys, look at you happy to be interested. I try and security myself with prices. You may have luxury keeping up. Or perhaps a subscriber wrist secret society replica. They can probably within your personal.

They'll go off and read comics or watch Star Wars or discover the cure for cancer. Yeah, you can get all the "me time" nerrds need. You can both dwting in complete nerd solidarity. Your nerd will give you no judgement on that front! There are plenty to go around. Like we said, nerds are a seriously under-appreciated portion of the population. There are more highly intelligent nerds out there than men who look like Ryan Gosling seriously. Snatch one up before the world realizes how truly awesome they are! You'll go on super fun dates.

20 Reasons You Should Definitely Date A Nerd

True, we haven't really had fun in a kiddy ball pit since we were four, but your nerd will take you out to some fun and certainly unconventional dates. Or perhaps a steam punk secret society meeting? If you don't know what steam punk is, you should! They LOVE to learn. Your nerd may not be the most socially adept individual or sexually Skill based matchmaking cod advanced warfare one - just a hunchbut they are definitely eager to learn. Smarties are truly fast learners, so you may just have the nnerds partner in no time. They probably get along better negds animals than with humans just like you.

NO one wants to be nerrds crazy cat lady spinster, but we all have a special place in our sating our whole heart! If your Benefits of dating nerds isn't so great dzting social situations, they probably prefer the company of a fuzzy companion. You, your nerd, and a little kitten or puppy? Turn on some Netflix, and that's the perfect night! Nerdy people except for the obnoxiously arrogant ones are probably the nicest people you will ever meet. They may not be much for huge parties, but they'll fight for their close friends. They think about the impending zombie apocalypse as much as you do. You can admit it: Lucky for you, your nerd has probably gone over every scenario. He's got the smarts to survive!

They can teach you about the world. Do you know what dark matter is or how gravity actually works? Your nerd probably will. They'll have all those fun tidbits of information that your little Discovery Channel-watching self just can't resist. Remember what we said about intelligent conversation? Your IQ will rise just by dating a nerd! They'll make you laugh often unintentionally. You'll probably think more often than not"Aww, look at you trying to understand pop culture! No worries, when you try to say anything about physics, they're probably thinking, "Aww, look at you trying to be smart!

They can probably save your life. You know all that boring stuff about anatomy that you learned sometime LONG ago in biology class? Lots of nerds ahem, hello medical professionals probably actually remember it. I try and surround myself with nerds. I like people who fill up like helium balloons when talking about topics, hobbies, or news stories that are important to them. There are far too many people in this world who just sit there, chew their cud and moo. I largely regard baseball as a great excuse to sit outside, drink beer, and eat hot dogs. However, I almost always go to a game with one of my many baseball nerd friends. My brain is full of obscure comic book references, political factoids, and movie quotes.

I need a translator. I specifically date nerds. Bendfits women in my life have all had obsessions, and I was happy to participate in their abandon. My girlfriend is a magnificent nerdess, a tornado of wonder. And even better, we have complementary nerd fixations, like comic books and politics. My life, however, is vastly improved by her own idiosyncratic pursuits. Everybody wins when everybody shares. Nerds can be jerks.

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