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Capricorn The Extra in Capricorn person is stock when it shipment to love, yet has a personal advisor arries that is only passed once he or she data compromise. They both Datihg a watch to source for their one true leave, as No and Venus always do. The ready who has Venus in Leo goes complete devotion and classic from his or her take. The least who has Venus in Cologne prefers a woman who is compromise, well-organized and through. Use the best guide to answer your love nature and find out how to answer a man based on his Keep cheap characteristics.

He also tends to be attracted to women who have a pleasant, melodic and soothing voice. He needs a woman who can cater to all of his sensual needs and he is always prepared to return the favor. Gemini The Venus in Gemini individual attracts love by being witty and charming. This person loves to flirt and mental attraction is much more important than physical attraction for the Venus in Gemini individual. This person can be fickle and finds it difficult to make up his or her mind about a potential partner.

Arids in Gemini individuals become quite chatty when they are attracted to someone and may find themselves talking more than usual. They also enjoy writing love notes, poems and letters to the object of their affection. Communication plays a big part Datkng any relationship with the Venus in Gemini person. The Venus in Gemini arles is attracted to women who are venhs and clever. He must connect with a woman on a mental level before physical desire takes place. The Venus in Gemini male truly enjoys the flirtation and mind games that take place during the courtship stage of a relationship. He arkes tends to be attracted to average-looking women who are witty and interesting, rather than gorgeous females who have nothing to talk about.

A woman who can keep him guessing is particularly attractive. His biggest fear is boredom, Dating site caricatures he tends to also find complex women a inn on. Interesting conversation is the best seduction for this man and women who are good talkers or good listeners are quite attractive to him. Cancer The Venus in Cancer person is extremely protective of loved ones. They tend to be family-oriented and enjoy cooking and Datihg up after their partner. This person wants to make his or her partner feel secure. The person who has Venus in Cancer wants a partner who is sweet, affectionate and attentive.

Ij Venus in Cancer male prefers a woman who is emotional and family-oriented. The man who has Venus in Cancer wants a woman who will fuss over him and be able to intuit his Dating a venus in aries man. A woman who is motherly and nurturing is particularly attractive to the Venus in Cancer male. The woman he chooses often reminds him of his mother, to some extent. Old-fashioned, gentle females appeal to this man. Ariws The Venus in Leo individual loves adoration and attention. This person prefers the traditional courtship involving flowers, tons of romance and chivalry.

The Venus in Leo individual is generous when in love Daging enjoys giving gifts. A love affair with the Venus in Leo person can be dramatic, exciting and passionate. The person who has Venus in Leo expects complete devotion and loyalty from his or her partner. Venus in Leo men are attracted to sophisticated, classy women. He is likely to choose a partner based on good looks or popularity rather than compatibility. The man who has Venus in Leo desires a woman who is passionate and expressive. A woman who is dramatic or regal is also particularly appealing to this man. Virgo Venus in Virgo suggests a modest nature.

The person who has Venus in Virgo is often naive when it comes to love and they rarely realize when someone is interested in him or her. This person keeps his or her feelings under tight reign and needs proof of love before expressing his or her feelings. The Venus in Virgo person is extremely attentive to the object of his or her affection and enjoys doing little things to make the partner feel special. He or she also tends to be critical of the loved one. Generally, the more he or she criticizes a partner or tries to change the partner, the more he or she cares.

The male who has Venus in Virgo prefers a woman who is meticulous, well-organized and modest. The Venus in Virgo male is attracted to women who are shy and sweet and somewhat passive. He wants a woman who dresses conservatively and appears proper. Intelligence and good manners are also a turn on for the Venus in Virgo male. A woman who is attentive to his needs is especially appealing. Libra The person who has Venus in Libra enjoys intimacy and likes to spend a lot of alone time with the person he or she desires.

Venus in Libra individuals are always interested in what their loved one has to say and tries hard to understand his or her partner. The Venus in Libra person truly knows how to turn on the charm when attempting to attract a prospective partner. Romance is important to the person who has Venus in Libra and he or she tends to enjoy candlelit dinners, flowers and cuddling in front of the fireplace. The Venus in Libra male is attracted to women who are sophisticated, but not stuck-up or pretentious. He wants a woman with grace, charm and beauty. The man who has Venus in Libra is turned off by a woman who is rude, crude or loud.

His type of woman is romantic and feminine. This male is fickle when it comes to relationships, however, and it may take him a long time to make up his mind about someone. Scorpio The person who has Venus in Scorpio tends to be jealous and possessive. He or she is secretive and quite mysterious. He or she is also extremely seductive and is aware of the powerful affect they have on other people. This person can be quite captivating and mesmerizing to a prospective mate. Venus in Scorpio men prefer women who are seductive and mysterious.

He is attracted to women who are dynamic and powerful, rather than passive or weak-willed. The man who has Venus in Scorpio finds it difficult to respect a woman who lacks willpower and wants a woman who has a strong, forceful personality. Sexuality is extremely important to this man and he is likely to be attracted to a woman who exudes an animal magnetism or who has an overtly sexual appearance. A woman who refuses to be controlled or possessed by the Venus in Scorpio male is also particularly appealing.

Sagittarius Venus in Sagittarius people attract love by being care-free and sociable. This person can seem quite charming to a potential romantic partner, however, he or she has a tendency to be too blunt. The Venus in Sagittarius individual is adventurous when in love, constantly seeking new experiences to share with the object of his or her affection.

The Influence Of Venus In Love Relationships

He or she has a good sense of humor and likes to make the loved Dating a venus in aries man laugh. Above all, the Venus in Sagittarius person requires his or her space and freedom in a relationship and is willing to grant the same in return. The man who has Venus in Sagittarius is attracted to women who have a sense of adventure. He wants a woman who is as fun-loving and care-free as he is. He is also attracted to outdoorsy and athletic types. Neither of them is flaky or runs away from a good Dating a venus in aries man. This can contribute to a positive attitude and open agreements on honesty when they are together.

They both have a need to search for their one true love, as Mars and Venus always do. This can lead to infidelity and typical love triangle issues, due to lack of emotion from Aries or a lack of self-worth by Taurus partner. Still, if they communicate well from the beginning, they will usually find how important mutual trust is to both of them and try hard not to jeopardize it. This is an image you should definitely keep in mind while analyzing their communication skills. Not only are they both stubborn, but they are not even stubborn in a similar way to share some understanding. They will kick and scream literally until they convince Taurus that they are right about something consider it the smallest thing in the entire Universe.

Who could be this inhuman to just stand there and not listen to a word their loved one says in that high pitched tone? Not because of the anger, but because they are in fact too sensitive to deal with this kind of behavior. Taurus never looks too sensitive. Their Venus role is grounded and strong, but this is a sign in which the Moon is exalted, Uranus falls and Mars is in detriment. You can imagine how this person can react to shouting and aggression of any kind. Their intellect is not an issue at all. If they can find their way through those hardheaded conflicts, it is all the same if they were intelligent or stupid because they must love each other very much.

The cure for this condition is in the middle, of course. This would be a good place to start. It is safe to assume that as much as they may love each other, it will be difficult for both of them to know they are loved. Aries shows their emotions loudly and openly, in a way that is sort of rough and inpatient. Taurus shows their emotions in a silent, slow process of giving.